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Thanks for flocking around us so far! Here are a variety of ways to join us on the journey:

  1. Follow us here on this blog and on TikTok! We post at SpeedOfBike and RoundAmericaWithADuck;
  2. Share our content (media release to come soon);
  3. Buy fun bike and duck merchandise on Redbubble (all road-tested by me!); buy surprisingly-light hand-crafted, hand-painted upcycled bike tube earrings (each an original work of art) on Etsy; and buy my current published books;
  4. Follow on TikTok to find out about #FreeArtFriday drops of BikeBloom earrings nationwide!
  5. Contact us if you are a literary agent interested in this project — the complete proposal, including an extensive marketing plan, the chapter-by-chapter outline and the first chapter, is available for your kind consideration
  6. Sponsor us* if you are a company committed to triple-bottom-line sustainability;
  7. Take our free bike classes in select cities on the route (stay tuned) or access anywhere virtually;
  8. Nominate a sustainability hero or something that gives you hope, for potential coverage at stops along the route;
  9. Toss us a coffee (and quackers) — click here or zap the QR code on the bottom of our homepage. It’s always welcome, and sure to get a fun shout-out from us 🙂

* Sponsor packages to be released in January. Highly-select sponsors get:

  • A professionally-written rubber-hits-the-road blog post spotlighting your brand attributes, shareable across your communications platforms;
  • TikToks/Reels featuring your brand-in-action authentically, shareable across your communications platforms — here are some examples:

#RoundAmericaWithADuck cities in between @wwoofusa #wwoof farms. Will it be @ihghotels #EvenHotels? #bike #wellness #fitness see link in bio for my books, blogs, #portfolio and more

♬ original sound – on a wing and a prayer

Once our (just started!) dedicated Round America with a Duck TikTok feed gets to 3,000 followers (follow us!), we’re also providing User-Generated Content (UGC) as a Tribe Creator to brands that intersect with our mission and values.

Reach out if you want to lock in your category early or sweeten the deal with additional assets and opportunities.