Am getting my ducks in a row, team! So far, it looks like this:

March 20, 2023 – August 31, 2023

5 months, 8 farms, 13 (Baker’s Dozen!) additional cities 

$20 a day budget (mostly for city stays and inter-city transportation –and the exact budget from when I traipsed around 10 countries in Europe in 1985)

3/20 Atlanta to Durham (382 miles via bus)/ Durham, NC (1 night hotel or friend)

3/21 – 4/10 (3 weeks) Goat farm/cheese dairy during birthing season; Related articles I’ve written (plus a whole chapter about cheese in my book Bucket List— stay tuned; I may share that book for free):

4/10 Durham to Philly (394 miles via bus) Night in Philly, PA

4/11 – 4/12 Cover bike/art stories; Ride the Ducks! (stay with friend)

4/13 Philly to NY (94 miles via train)

4/13 – 4/20 Cover sustainability stories (stay w/family –father’s 90th birthday); Dip bike tire in Atlantic Ocean!

4/20 NY to Chicago (790 miles via train — the Lake Shore Limited 19 hours)

4/21 Chicago, IL (1 night couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories

4/22 – 5/13 (2 weeks) Swami-run spiritual retreat center that makes soaps, tinctures, lotions (41 miles west of Chicago via bus)

5/6 Chicago to Greensburg, KS

5/6 – 5/8 Greensburg, KS Update post-tornado sustainability story I wrote in 2007 (stay in silo eco-home — see my Green Hotel article below as well!)

5/9-5/23 Greensburg, KS to Wichita Nonprofit farm run by nuns (2 weeks)

5/24 Wichita, KS (1 night couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories

5/25 Wichita, KS to Denver, CO/Night in Denver, CO (1 night couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories

5/26 Denver to Boulder, CO (28 miles via public bus) 1 night in Boulder (couchsurfing or friend)

5/27 – 6/15 (3 weeks)  Boulder-area farm TBD (hemp?)

6/15 Denver to Billings, MT (569 miles) 

6/16 Night in Billings, MT (couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories

6/17 Billings to Bozeman (144 miles via bus)

6/18 – 6/19 Night in Bozeman, MT (hotel) Sustainability tour with ex-Turner boss Mayor Terry!

6/20 – 7/5 (2 weeks) Townsend, MT Bison preserve and education center

7/5 Bozeman, MT to Butte, MT (85 miles via bus)

7/5-7/7 2 nights in Butte, MT (couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories; Ride the Continental Divide Trail!

7/8 Butte, MT to Salt Lake City, Utah (443 miles via buses — change in Idaho Falls)

7/8 Night in Salt Lake City, UT (couchsurfing?) Cover sustainability stories

7/9 Salt Lake City, Utah to Spanish Fork, Utah (52 miles via bus)

7/9 – 7/22 (2 weeks) Krishna-run farm that’s the largest llama rental site in Utah

7/23 Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, NV (421 miles via bus)

7/24 Night in Las Vegas (hotel) Cover sustainability stories (including update on this cork story I wrote!)

7/25 – 8/8 Date farm and bakery in Death Valley (2 weeks) (host picks up in Vegas)

8/8 Las Vegas to Los Angeles (270 miles via bus — super cheap!)

8/9 Night in Culver City, LA (family) Cover sustainability stories

8/10 – 8/20 (10 days) Olive, pomegranate, grape orchard (Calabasas via bus)

8/20 – 8/31 Los Angeles/including my 60th birthday 🙂 (hotel with hubby) Cover sustainability stories; Possible day visits to a llama and lavender farm via LA Metro and an urban farm in Silver Lake, LA; Dip bike tire in Pacific Ocean!

8/31 Los Angeles to Atlanta (fly)