7 Ways to Join Us!


Thanks for winging it with us so far! Here are a variety of ways to join us on the journey:

  1. Follow us here on this blog and on select social media! We post on TikTok at SpeedOfBike and RoundAmericaWithADuck (or just follow the hashtag #RoundAmericaWithADuck), and on Instagram at TodaysNiceStranger and RoundAmericaWithADuck.
  2. Share our content and encourage others to follow as well;
  3. Buy fun bike and duck merchandise on Redbubble (all road-tested by me!); buy surprisingly-light hand-crafted, hand-painted upcycled bike tube earrings (each an original work of art) from Wild Oats and Billy Goats art gallery online and in-store; buy Artsy Bike merchandise, including the cutest baby bib in four trim colors; buy a BikeNoodle sticker for your own traveling bike lane; and buy my current published books (big thanks for posting 5-star reviews if you love them!);
  4. Search out #FreeArtFriday drops of BikeBloom earrings in select cities nationwide!
  5. Contact us if you are a literary agent interested in this project — the complete proposal, including an extensive marketing plan, the chapter-by-chapter outline and the first chapter, is available for your kind consideration
  6. Book us for a free virtual Q and A session for your book club ( note limited availability)
  7. Toss us a coffee (and quackers) — click here or zap the QR code on the bottom of our homepage. It’s always welcome, and sure to get a fun shout-out from us 🙂

Once our (just started!) dedicated Round America with a Duck TikTok feed gets to 1,000 followers we can go LIVE along the way. At 3,000 followers (follow us!), we can consider creating User-Generated Content (UGC) for highly select brands that intersect with our mission and values.