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In addition to a final deliverable of a book (possibly two, including one for children) titled Round America with a Duck (in both print and digital formats), this multifaceted project includes numerous bonus-content assets shared across platforms.

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You may also find my published articles* helpful. Oh, and join the thousands of others who’ve taken my free bike classes all over the world.


I will add a brief overview, website links, and a TikTok or two here per farm visit. See currently-planned route.

  1. The Pilot-Test: Our Giving Garden in Mableton, Georgia (October 2022): 2 weeks in a Tiny Home on a small nonprofit farm that donates 100% of what it grows to Sweetwater Mission, plus provides education and events for the community. Here is a blog post from the pilot-test of the pilot-test (Virgo that I am, lol). Here is a photo essay from my stay:


#wwoof @wwoofusa #roundamericawithaduck @ourgivinggarden was so great. I miss everyone, my TinyHouse, the #geodome and more! #foryoupage #fyp #TrustTheJourney

♬ Wanderer – Mogli

Here are two assets I created that Our Giving Garden shared on their social media:

Cities and Local Businesses

I will provide brief overviews of sustainability highlights from the cities I visit and local businesses I discover and love. I offer assignment-based content creation for global and local media outlets, city chambers of commerce, and businesses for use on their sites and social media platforms. See FAQs for rates.

One of the 52 Places to Go recently featured in The New York Times (Macon, Georgia)

Newest City in the United States (Mableton, Georgia)


#Mableton Georgia votes to be newest city in USA. Congrats! It’s where I did my 1st @wwoofusa assignment recently at @ourgivinggarden! Here’s a #TikTok I made on the Floyd Road #multiusepath there. #foryoupage #fyp #biketok #bikelife #BikesMeanBusiness #MabletonGA

♬ original sound – Trust the Journey

Paradise Smoothies


TrustTheJourney! Look at the amazing #smallbusiness I found, simply because I couldn’t cross the road to get to DairyQueen! #BikesMeanBusiness

♬ Paradise – Bazzi

Small Selection of Previously-Published Articles

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