“This! This is the Eat Pray Quack book you didn’t even know you’ve been craving!”

More than 7,000 miles via bikes, buses, trains and WWOOFing in a country-at-a-crossroads, in a world-in-crisis

Hundreds of reasons to feel hopeful again

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Round America with a Duck* tells the true story of a 70s-child-facing-60 finding a way forward across continental divides.

This fast-paced, fun, and surprisingly-timely multi-platform project** shines a light on unsung heroes, inspiring successes in the face of disasters, joy as an act of resistance, and hopeful harbingers of change that may empower you to consider new possibilities for our shared humanity – and for yourself.

* title inspired by the author’s fave book of all time, Round Ireland with a Fridge

** book (possibly two, including one for children), blog, videos!

Round America with a Duck is the right journey at the right time, shared with grace, wit and empathy — needed now more than ever.

This is the sweatshirt I’m wearing while traveling via bikes, buses, trains and working on organic farms as experiential research for Round America with a Duck (see confirmed route here). You don’t want to miss the back of the sweatshirt. These are messages needed now more than ever as we all try to make it through another day in a country-at-a-crossroads, in a world-in-crisis.

Pattie Baker — featured in O: The Oprah Magazine as a Passion Person — is a wildly-creative hands-on cultural anthropologist, content creator, street photographer and author with lived and learned expertise in triple-bottom-line sustainability, wellness, resiliency, joy as an act of resistance, and safe-access-for-all in a world-in-crisis. Books/blogs include Bucket List, Food for My Daughters and Traveling at the Speed of Bike. She is the married mother of two grown daughters and lives in Metro Atlanta with her husband. And duck.

See her Linktree, if interested, for her resume, portfolio, blog links, TikToks and more. Contact here.



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