I don’t make it two minutes beyond the long gravel driveway onto the county dirt roads before I start snapping landscape photos, even though I know that’s not the form in which I need them for social media assets.

I can’t watch a sunrise from my front door or a sunset from the field with the high tunnel and haystack without trying to capture its length and breadth and beauty.

Something about this place lands hard in my heart, and I never want to escape it.

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  1. Pattie Baker says:

    Richard. Thank you for sharing that!


  2. My boyhood friend lives in the S/E corner of South Dakota. He owns a hundred and twenty year old home and six acres that is surrounded by nothing but farmland. You can see a farmhouse or two dotting out of the flatlands. Each house has its accompanying stand of trees that act as a windbreaker. Similar to where you seem to be. There just seems to be “something about it.” rich


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