Corn bread muffin and carrot cake jam

Terra texted that we were leaving a half hour early to pick up the studs — the visiting boys who would be impregnating the girls this weekend. There was a problem with the trailer tires and we had to go to Christi’s to borrow her trailer instead (which meant I would get to see her Scottish Highland cattle!) and that would take a little while.

I had just come in from my bike ride and was still high on endorphins and the fun of making a TikTok for the Adam-Lambert-as-Cher Muffin Man trend, and I needed a quick snack.

I pulled out Kerrygold Irish butter (not quite Scottish, but close), a cornbread muffin left over from one of the group lunches (where we are so part of the family that we each have our own dedicated cloth napkin), and the mind-blowingly-delicious carrot cake jam that Terra made from a harvest here.

I was rushing at first but then stopped when I noticed how the light fell across my beautiful country kitchen here on the prairie while WWOOFing Round America with a Duck. How beautiful it looked. How peaceful and happy I feel. How much purpose I am experiencing. And how much hope I am finding, in a country-at-a-crossroads and a world in crisis.

And I realized, in that moment, one simple truth.

This. Is. As. Good. As. It. Gets.

And it’s frickin’ awesome.

Muffin-related TikToks:

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Arrival of one of the stud muffins here on Love Island

One of Christi’s Scottish Highland cows:

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