I am debating how much truth to tell you, both here on this blog and in the forthcoming Round America with a Duck book. I am trying to find the balance between protecting others’ privacy and dignity while also defining and maintaining my own.

Let’s just put it this way for now — things have happened already on this journey that have challenged me greatly. My first instinct, in general, is to be a good sport, to be agreeable, to be positive, to not create any waves and to find ways to make things work. In short, to deny my reasonable human needs. I like to think of myself as “low maintenance” and a good traveler. I didn’t want to be the WWOOFer who asked obvious questions about basic acts of daily living.

That’s changed. An extremely bad experience I had this week made it clear to me I need to advocate for myself more. After a 30-hour bus trip (including two transfers and an overnight) plus much exciting anticipation, I made a heartbreaking decision to draw a boundary yesterday which resulted in me leaving an unacceptable WWOOF site, and I am thus currently in a little bit of a pickle. I may even have to end or significantly alter the remaining part of my trip. I feel a little sick to my stomach about it, and your support is greatly appreciated. Big shout-out to my hubby for being my biggest advocate and ally (as always).

Today I’m riding my bike in the pouring rain to a memorial for victims of the most deadly tornado in U.S. history right by historic Route 66. And I’m praying that I can continue to trust this unpredictable, sometimes scary, often uncomfortable journey.

God has a plan for me, and I am exactly where I need to be. Right?

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  1. jgshnd says:

    Definitely right!

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