Sober bar

I chose The Healer. My younger daughter chose the Jalapeño Margarita. We were at a lovely alcohol-free bar in the East Village section of New York City because I gave up alcohol last May in preparation for Round America with a Duck, and because my daughter was thoughtful enough to suggest it.

We moved to an outside bistro table with our drinks and chatted while people-watching before strolling to an outdoor dinner. It was the first gorgeous Spring night here, where all the trees have their new growth (I’ve been riding the cherry blossom wave up the East coast since my Greyhound pilot test in Macon, Georgia) and moods all around us were high.

There is so much more to tell since I left the WWOOF workstay farm in rural North Carolina. I’ve mostly been on the move. I’ve got stories about friends and bike rides and trains and cities to share. I’ll try to catch you up a bit in the next few days when I’m settled at one location again.

Note that I’m posting cute little videos most days on TikTok at RoundAmericaWithADuck and SpeedOfBike, and on Instagram at RoundAmericaWithADuck. Check ‘em out!

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