Hey. Or should I say, hay. It’s Bermuda or fescue now, or alfalfa for the nursing mommas, in addition to the unlimited amount of fresh forage grazing they do plus some occasional supplemental feed.

I learned how to move hay off the truck the very first time I drove a tractor yesterday (thanks to Wayne, the farmer hubby here, who filmed the raw footage for me). I set that video to the song Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. It’s fun. Take a look on Instagram and TikTok . There are lots of other videos from this week (and the whole farm visit) as well.

I’m not publishing any more blog posts from this farm visit beyond this quick update and a reminder to follow on social media. Tap back in here next week as we hop Amtrak for Philly and take the Round America with a Duck cross-country journey back on the road.

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