“Loved Ones Visit”

So you know on the reality TV show Survivor when they have the Loved Ones Visit? The producers fly in people close to the contestants to help connect them back with who they are outside their current experience in order to remind them why they are doing what they are doing to fortify them for the challenges ahead.

That was yesterday for me. My friend Judy (with whom I stayed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina the first night of Round America with a Duck) texted me and asked if I wanted to go for coffee.

Um, that would be a yes!

She scooped me up and took me to that cute little town where I had been trying to go with my bike or a bus or Uber, all unsuccessfully due to my remote rural location at farm number one of six in total across 7,000 miles in the USA over the next 5 months (now 4.5!).

We had decaf and breakfast breads at a wrought iron table outside the Weaver Street Market in artsy and historic Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Attracted by a sculpture in a greenspace across the street, we then discovered a paved path along the Eno River, where we fell upon this timely and wonderful message (photo at top). Was it serendipity? Was it God?

Back at the farm, I introduced her to Lish and gave her a tour of the goats, garden and old tobacco drying barn. I showed her my trailer accommodations. And I happily accepted the chocolate she brought me (I had even busted the budget to buy more at the market to treat myself during my final week here).

I have “Loved Ones” phone calls with my family pretty often, but this in-person visit filled a different need. In fact, I want to see if I can somehow get a Loved Ones Visit everywhere I go, even places where I don’t actually have a loved one. Maybe you have one you’ll lend?

I have my next stops, Philly and NYC, covered, as well as my last stop near Los Angeles. But do you love anyone near historic Route 66 in Joplin, Missouri that I can borrow for a cup of coffee? Do you love anyone in Denver? Salt Lake City? Vegas? That would be nice.

Thanks, Judy. And now I’m tapping out of this blog for a few days to work on Chapter 2 of the Round America with a Duck book-in-progress. Alone with my chocolate 🙂

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