Hugs and quiches

Golden-crusted and filled with eggs I had gathered that morning and cheese Lish made from sour milk that afternoon, the quiches sat like still-lifes on the stovetop. Lish, Wayne and the kids were elsewhere and I texted to ask if I could slice one. The last light of day fell beyond the dogwood tree outside the open kitchen window, where the chickens and guinea hens were roosting as I sat on a stool and savored my slice.

The food here has been terrific, and I have not gone hungry. However, I’m a grown-ass woman and it’s hard being away from my own kitchen, things and sense of order. But if the other farms where I’m staying are anything like this, I’m in good hands. And frankly, it’s nice to take a cooking break. Hugs to Lish for feeding me.

Speaking of hugs, I intend to give hugs (positive shout-outs) about food, accommodations, types of farms and the work I get to do, best bus and train experiences and other city sustainability highlights, and more along the way during these five months of Round America with a Duck.

There will be listicles at the end featuring everything from best bathrooms (always everyone’s number two question, ironically, when they hear about this trip –see the FAQ tab for more) to best bike infrastructure. And, yes, I’ll share with you things that surprise me and suggest some possibly-unexpected questions to ask beforehand if you are considering such a trip. If you have any additional questions or curiosities, lemme know so I can look out for that as well.

Stay tuned — the quick-read April monthly newsletter for Round America with a Duck (titled Have a Ducky Day) will be out this Saturday. I’ll post it here as well as on,, and Medium and amplify it on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Thank you for your follows on Instagram and TikTok at RoundAmericaWithADuck. We haven’t gone viral yet, but we’re on our way :). If you haven’t visited them yet, tap in to see some fun videos from the journey so far.

Hugs to you. (And quiche leftovers later to me!)

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