Moo-ving forward!

So my hands are cold right now as I right this. The propane heater in the trailer didn’t work right last night and so I slept without it. The cows, sounding like chainsaws, moo-ed most of the night, a sound I expect I’ll get used to. One just walked by my window now. Hi, cow!

Overall, however, it has gone well so far — the bus ride from Atlanta to Durham, North Carolina; the overnight with my friend Judy and her family in Chapel Hill; the book club meeting with so many really positive-energy people; the morning sunrise bike ride; and then meeting the farmer, Lish, and the truck ride (with numerous interesting stops). See a quick peek of life at the farm below.

Much more has happened since I left home, of course. Things that surprised me, delighted me, challenged me. But we’ll save those for the book 🙂

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