March forth!

Traveling at the Speed of Bike in our local park as the “smelly trees” bloom. You may enjoy “Pink Snow and Smelly Trees” in the March chapter of my book, Food for My Daughters, available globally

It’s March 4, team. And for me, that’s my annual day to march forth. You know, do something different. Outside-the-box. New. Pursue some dream even when (or maybe even especially when) others don’t always believe in you.

In fact, today was the day we (Disco and I) intended to start our Round America with a Duck journey. However, my older daughter, who works on a college campus and has an upcoming spring break, was able to plan a trip home next week for wedding dress shopping (!) so Disco (and his little side-duck) and I had shifted our departure from Atlanta to March 20th.

Today, we’re marching forth in a different way. Today is the day my BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings begin their representation at the folk art gallery Wild Oats and Billy Goats, both online and in-store in Decatur, Georgia — the only certified Silver Bicycle Friendly Community in the State of Georgia (#BikesMeanBusiness, y’all).

Click here

There’s a limited supply that won’t be replenished for the next five months while I’m traveling, so get ’em while you can! I’ll also be dropping 10 pairs (one at a time) in super-select artsy spots across the country as #FreeArtFriday gifts for whoever finds them. (Hint: first drop: Philly.) Follow #BikeBloom on TikTok for the deets!

Ever so ironically (or not, if you, like me, trust the journey), as we head off to sow our wild oats (which, for us, means covering hope and hero stories across the USA), our first stop is a goat farm. So . . . wild oats and billy goats. In more ways than one.

*Regarding wedding dress shopping: my daughter invited her grandmother (my mom) to come with us. Here’s a sweet blog post from more than ten years ago when she and my mom made her junior prom dress together. Here’s an earlier post on this Round America with a Duck blog about my 87-year-old mom that you may enjoy. (“What about your mom?” is one of the frequently asked questions I get when folks hear about the Round America with a Duck journey. Here are the others.)

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