Have a ducky day! (March newsletter)

These are the stickers we’re handing out as we travel Round America with a Duck

And so it begins

“I got my peaches out in Georgia,” sings Justin Bieber, and I realize we won’t see the peaches here this year. We’re almost done packing to leave our Georgia home, and the peach trees are not yet flowering. It’ll be more than five months until we get to the next line in that song, about California. Follow along with us Round America with a Duck in search of hope and heroes (at a time that’s needed more than ever) via bikes, buses, trains and working on organic farms. See our current confirmed cross-country route here.

It’s truly an Eat Pray Quack adventure

(Feel free to read or listen to the first chapter)

Keep an eye out for this short monthly newsletter with a little bonus fun and food-for-thought including exclusive photos, links to top posts, and answers to your most pressing questions (if we haven’t already answered them here) as we shake our tail feathers March 20th through August 31, 2023.

Disco (on right) and his little sidekick, who doesn’t yet have a name. Ideas?

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Putting off living your bucket list? Read this first:

“Someday . . .”

I get it. I did that, too. Kids. Marriage. Job. The works. No time — or budget — to Eat Pray Love or take a Wild walk. But then I cooked up an idea — that worked! Go month by month with me in Bucket List, a fast, funny 2-hour read available globally and instantly downloadable (for FREE with Kindle Unlimited) that may permanently alter the way you think about the precious, unrepeatable value of right now, today. It’s now more relevant than ever after our global pandemic (which my other books/blogs seem to be as well: Food for My Daughters and Traveling at the Speed of Bike).

Take a free sneak peek inside 🙂

(Warning: Bucket List may change your life. It changed mine. In fact, Round America with a Duck would not be happening if Bucket List hadn’t happened first. Short answer? Just start. Whatever it is that’s calling you. Just start.)

Click here

Have a ducky day!


Pattie Baker specializes in experiential multi-platform storytelling about triple-bottom-line sustainability. Peek inside her previously-published books about riding bikes, growing food, and living your bucket list (while still being home in time for the school bus). Check out her surprisingly-light and fun (handcrafted/hand-painted) BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings*! (It’s a growing movement. Join more than 50k others who’ve already viewed TikToks hashtagged #BikeBloom.)

* Starting March 4, 2023 (march forth!), she is represented by the art gallery Wild Oats and Billy Goats both online and in-store in Decatur, GA, which is the only Silver-certified Bicycle Friendly Community in the State of Georgia.

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