Route update!

See more about the route/current chapter heads for Round America with a Duck here

We’re 25 days away from departure for Round America with a Duck! Lots happening! Here’s the updated route as of right now. Still trying to land on a couple of segments. Trust the journey trust the journey trust the journey . . . .

All these other prep things have happened as well. Scroll through the blog or join 38k others who have viewed the TikTok hashtag #RoundAmericaWithADuck for stories about them (and so much more), if interested.

  • I pilot-tested WWOOFing for two weeks in a tiny home at Our Giving Garden in Mableton, Georgia
  • I road-tested taking my folding bike on Greyhound from Atlanta to Macon, Georgia a couple of weeks ago
  • I created upcycled bike tube earrings that will be for sale starting March 4 (march forth!) at a folk art gallery in the ONLY Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community in Georgia while I’m gone
  • I’m cross-training every day (including monkey bars to develop calluses)
  • I’m coming up on 300 days alcohol-free for ease of compliance with alcohol-free expectations on farms (and cost-savings/safety as a woman alone while traveling)
  • I passed on my refugee Sharing Garden to a family new to the USA and eliminated most of my home garden
  • I “re-trained’ my hair on shampoo soap and dry shampoo (who knew how easy that would be?! SO much less to carry and buy)
  • I’m down to two cups of coffee a day (and aiming to get down to one)
  • I borrowed a backpack from my Appalachian Trail neighbor and bought compression packing cubes and filtered water bottles
  • I’m doing final product testing and LOTS of life-management (where there’s a will, there’s a way, so yep, that’s getting a fresh visit)
  • I recently interviewed one of my fave people “fruiting” the future and my fave feral hit-the-road hero and will share both of those stories with you soon
  • I’m sitting here writing this while wearing a WWOOF tank top (that’s obviously coming with me)
  • I even wrote the first chapter of Round America with a Duck, which you can read or listen to for FREE (and, yep, the full book proposal is ready for agent review when the time is right)
  • In short, I’m just about ready! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pattie Baker says:

    Hi, Connie! Miss u too! Thanks for finding me! Hope u r well!!!


  2. Connie Weathers says:

    I have missed you since you dropped off FB. Thanks for taking us on your next adventure.


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