Artsy fun

I hunger for art, and luckily often get my fix while traveling at the speed of bike (you may enjoy this Flicker album, titled The Art of Bike Riding). While doing so, I’ve created lots of free artsy bike tours for you to view virtually from anywhere in the world.

I not only appreciate others’ creativity but am also continually inspired to create my own art (street photography, mixed media with reclaimed materials, flash fiction, poetry, narrative nonfiction and fiction) — as well as give great thought to creative solutions to our most pressing global challenges. And, frankly, for me, that makes life worth living. (Short answer: Art heals, and reveals. And I can literally feel the energy shooting across my brain’s synapses. Try it. It’s fun. And fun is not a frivolity. It is, in fact, needed now more than ever.)

It turns out Disco loves it, too (artsy duck that he is).

Here we are doing our own little art tour of Downtown Decatur, Georgia (where we just dropped off our BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings at the folk art gallery* that is representing me while I’m traveling around the USA with him via bikes, buses, trains and WWOOFing on organic farms):

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that we’ve booked some time in the city with the best public art program in the USA. You can see it listed on the tab that shows our current route (okay, fine, I’ll tell you — Philly). And we’re planning on doing #FreeArtFriday drops of our BikeBloom earrings by public art from coast to coast.

As you can see, Disco is so excited 🙂

Follow us on TikTok so you can join in the artsy fun from near and far. Join 30k others there who’ve already tapped in to #RoundAmericaWithADuck, and 50k who’ve already viewed #BikeBloom.

*Our BikeBloom earrings update:

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