“I lean toward YES!”

Yes!” I thought to myself when I heard back from the ranch north of Denver. I had just requested a WWOOF workstay as my next stop after Missouri and before Montana while traveling Round America with a Duck (after I had to re-route from the nuns and the alpacas in Kansas due to being grounded by Greyhound).

Yes, yes, yes!” I possibly shouted out loud even when he said the only accommodations available for me during my requested two-week visit are the worst, and then listed the reasons. They are probably deal-breakers for many.

But the work I would get to do! It would include tending a medium-sized chicken flock, being on staff at a market farm, caring for alpacas, assisting in dog training and maintaining aquaculture and pond systems.

“I lean toward YES!” I wrote, and then hit send.

Because that’s who I am now.

One day at a time.

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