Bike’s painted

I was waiting to paint the folding bike I’m taking on buses and trains Round America with a Duck (see the route here) until it was out of warranty. It’s not yet, but I did it anyway lol. Couldn’t wait any longer. 

The desire to paint burns in my belly (which, if you know me or you’ve seen my other bikes, helmet, skates and BikeBloom earrings, you know). My painted bikes (and other stuff) also serve to miraculously reduce harassment of me as a woman alone in public space (I’ll do a whole post on this soon — it’s kind of fascinating). And so:


#RoundAmericaWithADuck #foldingbike now painted! Ready for next week’s next big pilot test (with Greyhound!) #foryoupage #fyp #art #bike

♬ original sound – on a wing and a prayer

Oh, and I re-painted my boots, too. Cute, amirite?!

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