Good vibes

These came out gorgeous, amirite? So exciting. What a journey it’s been. Thank you to the more-than-43-thousand people who have joined me on the journey from all over the world by viewing TikToks tagged #BikeBloom!


#BikeBloom #handcrafted #handpainted original #art #upcycled #bike tube earrings #limitededition for #FreeArtFriday and #Etsy sales just for the month of #February to promote and help underwrite RoubdAmericaWithADuck! Follow for updates. Visit for more about the multiplatform project via #bikes #buses #trains #wwoofing on #orgsnic #farms See linkinbio for my other #books #blogs and more #indieartist #booktok #authorsoftiktok #over50 #1970schild #freerangekid #goodvibes #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – on a wing and a prayer

I’ve branded these earrings BikeBloom (tag line: a growing movement) and have recently created this original art for the professionally-printed hang tag, which I’m using with other products as well. I’ve been working on the earrings for a year. Iterating, iterating, iterating. See the bottom of this post for photos from the BikeBloom: Buttercup series (which comes on handcrafted plantable packaging that transforms the tragic news of the day into wildflowers) and how you can get them FOR FREE.

This new series, BikeBloom: Rush of Joy, is hand-painted in the same popular style as my bikes, helmets, and roller-skates!

You can also get fun matching socks!

Here are the deets: Each unique BikeBloom: Rush of Joy earring is individually handcrafted and handpainted on upcycled bike tubes and features additional rescued bike hardware. They come as a pair and will be available as a limited edition exclusively for the month of February, 2023 via #FreeArtFriday and Etsy to promote/support my new multi-platform project Round America with a Duck (if you’re a literary agent, let’s talk — the full creative nonfiction book proposal is ready for your kind consideration; for other ways to support, see this fun list with lots of FREE options).

You may also enjoy rockin’ a BikeBloom mini-skirt (warning — this thing is tight) or these other bike-and duck-related products based on additional original art! As with my books Traveling at the Speed of Bike and Food for My Daughters, ALL proceeds are used to do good in a country-at-a-crossroads and world-in-crisis. If’ you’re a celeb who’s sporting sustainable fashion at awards shows this spring, let’s talk (and soon, because I’m leaving March 20th).


See this #BikeBlooom skirt and other products on (search SpeedOfBike). I’ll road test it tomorrow. Follow for the review!

♬ Bicycle – filous

The BikeBloom Etsy shop features these new painted earrings. Follow SpeedOfBike on TikTok for product updates and #FreeArtFriday drops! You can also get your choice of a wide range of BikeBloom earrings from the Buttercup series (while current supplies last) FREE when you donate $125US to Global Spokes, which provides bikes, helmets, locks and lights to refugees-of-war in the USA’s most diverse square mile. See details here.


Want more welcoming ways to be part of the biggest bike boom (BikeBloom) since the 1970s? We’ve created this FREE BikeBloom tutorial specifically for women-owned cooperatives around the world as an economic development tool. If it can help you reach your goals, too, then go for it. Positive movement forward is pedal-powered! We know. We wrote the book on this crossroads-of-change in the USA, and we’ve been sharing these pedal-powered classes and tips.


Does all this bike fun make you want to ride a bike? Hope to see you out there! Don’t know how to ride a bike? I got you covered with the very first text-based and downloadable-PDF bike classes in the world, specifically designed for women and girls (who, by the way, have disproportionately-large economic impact,* especially when they ride bikes).


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